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April 25, 2024

A good, predictable puppy schedule will reduce your stress and increase your training results with your puppy.

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Create a puppy schedule that works well for both you AND your puppy. A good, predictable schedule will reduce your stress and increase your training results with your puppy. Puppy schedule for the win!

Free Puppy Schedule Printable

We’ve also included a free puppy schedule printable (one with a quick basic outline and one with more details). The printable includes all the information below complete with fun colors and graphics. Grab your printable here.

Share this blog and printable with any friend that is thinking of getting a puppy. They will love you for it!

Free puppy schedule printable | Cornerstone Dog Training

Download this free puppy routine printable here.

Schedules Matter, But Relax and Allow for Flexibility

Please realize the schedule below is just an example. Do you wake up at 6:00am and that’s when you first want to get your puppy out? Great! Do it! Just bump up the first few suggested times. Have a flexible schedule rather than being stressed about a RIGID routine.

Pay Attention to Bedtime

The only time I would really suggest adhering to as strictly as possible is bedtime. There’s something about the body clock of a puppy that does better getting to bed between 7 and 8 pm.

With no further adieu…

Cornerstone Dog Training Suggested Puppy Schedule

Approx. TimeActivities during that time period that will lead to great training results
7amChoose a time that works for you! In the beginning, to avoid accidents, take them out first thing. Take them potty on a leash, if they go, great! Now it’s training time with food. If they don’t go potty, back in the crate for 10 minutes, then out on the leash again.
8amCrate time! A good indicator that your puppy is ready for more down time(in the crate) is that they are showing signs of overstimulation. Nipping, chewing, and especially ZOOMIES. Maximum time out of the crate is usually an hour at a time.
10:30amAlways take them potty when they come out of the crate. On leash is best. If your puppy hasn’t finished breakfast yet, this is the time to do it. This is the time to train/play with your puppy. It is a good idea to take your puppy potty again before they have down time in the crate.
11:15amCrate time! A good place to put the crate is a LOW traffic area. Not a central location where there is always activity, but also not a spot where they are completely isolated. A laundry room, or guest bathroom is a great place.
1:00pmAs usual, potty first. Start lunch. When your puppy is first home, you want to hand feed them. Teach your puppy commands and use their food as reward. It builds a bond you can’t duplicate! It’s ok if your puppy doesn’t finish the food in one go.
1:30pmCrate time! Make this schedule your own, this is a sample schedule! Sometimes puppy will be out for 15 minutes, sometimes an hour. It all depends on what has been earned. If they are getting wild, they are trying to tell you they need some rest.
3:15pmPotty first! Then, if your puppy still has a few pieces of kibble left this is the last time food will be offered today. *It is okay if your puppy doesn’t eat all of their food, we always offer it, but puppies will eat when they are ready. Don’t just leave it out for them to graze.
4:15pmCrate time! Puppies are growing, fast. They are constantly changing and that is exhausting! Just like babies, puppies need a lot of rest. Utilizing the crate mitigates potty accidents and helps in preventing behavioral issues like separation anxiety.
6:30pmCan you guess? Potty time! During this time, your puppy can have a sip or two of water but we really want to have the water cut off around 5:00pm to stay dry through the night. This is a great time to play with your puppy before bed.
7:00pmCrate time! This is the official “bed time” for puppies. However we will recommend taking them out once more, at least half hour before you go to sleep, especially while young.
10:00pmKeep this potty break very calm. Saying minimal words, calm energy. Go out, go potty, back in their crate. Goodnight little pup! (You can cut this last potty break out as soon as you think your puppy may be able to handle it).

Look at you! You did it. You rocked a day in the life with your puppy.

Other Resources on Puppy Schedules

Our friends at Matthews Legacy Farms (who have wonderful golden doodle puppies) also shared our puppy schedule here.

If you are specifically looking for help with a schedule for potty-training purposes, check out our blog on how to use a schedule and written tracker.

Also, if you’re looking for more specifics on what a “potty break” should look like, check out this blog post on potty training.

Happy training!

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