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We see you! You want what is best for your dog and your entire family, but you don’t have time to mess around with training that may or may not work. After all, if you’re going to invest your time, money, and effort into this dog training thing, you dang well better get the help you need and see some awesome results FAST.
If that's you, we are confident we can help!  Check out our services below to find what would be best for you. Schedule a free consultation and we can also talk through the options with you.

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If you live near one of our locations and you thrive on working face to face with a personal trainer, then this is your jam. 

In-person sessions

Want to just leave the training to the experts? We can do that too!

Board & Train

This stuff WORKS!  Our online courses have everything you need! You CAN do it and we will guide you every step of the way.  

Online Courses

Three Ways to Work Together

You're in the right place.

You've done the very best you can with training and you should be proud of the work you've put in so far, piecing it together the best you can.  But some big problems still linger.  

Others may have commented that your older dog is untrainable or “too far gone.”  (To be honest, you've started to wonder yourself😫).  Or maybe you’ve been told that life with a puppy is chaos and messes and there’s no way around it. But you feel in your bones there has to be a solution. A better way.  We're here to tell you there's hope.

You know something simply HAS to change! You have a vision...a dream of a beautiful life with your dog. 
You just need someone to show you the path to get there. 


"Cornerstone is the best of the best!  This program is definitely the best training out there because I researched for a couple months before I knew they were the one! This was the best money I've ever spent, simply because my cute puppy is now an amazing well behaved puppy!"

Did her research



"Cookie was HORRIBLE before Cornerstone and had a vial resource guarding issue.  She is a changed dog.  If you're debating due to the cost, go for it.  Well worth it.  We got our sweet girl back."

Has a changed dog



"Never expected our boy to come as far as he has!  I used to walk him at night because he wasn't manageable and now I can walk him in public without a leash.  Absolutely worth every penny and would recommend for any dog.  Will work on any and all your training needs."

Got more than she Thought possible



"Our only regret is not doing this training earlier!  The training has made a night and day difference in our dogs.  People can actually knock on our front door without the dogs losing their minds.  We can walk them without them pulling the leash and being aggressive towards other dogs.  Definitely would recommend!"

Trained 2 of his dogs



"We started the program with a very reactive blue heeler and we are now able to take our dog places without worrying about how he will react.  He is a more calm and happy dog.  Cornerstone gives you the tools to help you and your dog succeed and we couldn't be more happy with the results.  Thank you, Cornerstone!"

Has a calm, Happy dog



"My sweet Luna went from being an OUT OF CONTROL and UNBELIEVABLY HYPER dog that NEVER LISTENED to the most calm and obedient girl she's ever been!  I take her out in public everywhere now to silently show her off, and she's been off leash a few times and done beautifully!  A HUSKY!  OFF LEASH!  IN A STORE!" 

Silently shows off



"We started with Cornerstone just 3 days after bringing our 8-week-old puppy home.  They helped us fine tune all his little puppy habits.  We continued through the Crazy to Calm course and at 7 months we have such an amazing dog!  He is well behaved, travels with us and stays in hotels, hikes, lays calm at the park while the kids play, etc.  We'd easily do it again if given the chance!"

started off right



"Within the first week, it was like we had a brand new dog.  Every week since he's become better and better.  This program is worth every penny!"

Saw immediate results


real results

Focus kills chaos

Happy Training! 
Love, Jason & Lorelei

Boundaries lead to freedom

Your dog deserves your love AND your leadership

You want lasting results and are willing to dig in and follow the program we have structured for you. We know it works!  You CAN do it! We will show you how.


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Puppy Course for puppies 8 to 22 weeks. Chaos to Calm Course for dogs 5 months and beyond. And Crate & Potty Training mini-course great for all ages. We have years of experience rehabilitating dogs that come to us with human and dog aggression, debilitating anxiety, hyperactivity, destructive behaviors, and more. We have engineered a process that works every time! And we’ve packaged it up ready for you to start your transformation journey TODAY…from the comfort of home! Come join us! You will not be disappointed.  

Want in on our dog training secret sauce? It's all here. You will know exactly what to do week by week with our easy-to-follow, proven system. Get ready to wow your friends with training you're "doing from home."

Cornerstone Online Courses

Private, In-Person Training Program

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If you’re searching for the cheapest training option, we are NOT your answer. But if you’re looking for a quality program with proven and guaranteed results, you’ve come to the right place. Our private, in-person sessions pair you up with one of our fabulous Cornerstone trainers. Your trainer will personally walk you through the training process of our signature courses. We are so sure you are going to love the results, that we guarantee you will be satisfied or we will continue to work with you at no extra cost. AND…our in-person graduates have access to LIFETIME Cornerstone group classes! Yep, we’re serious about this being the last training you’ll ever need to have a great dog for life!

Want live coaching to guide you through our signature courses?  Our Cornerstone team is here for you!  Private sessions are currently held in:
Kaysville UT
Saratoga Springs UT and 
Mansfield OH.


You’re serious about your dog’s training, want to be a part of it, thrive with hands-on learning, and live near one of our locations.

You’re short on time, have an injury or disability that makes training difficult, have an extended trip planned and want your dog trained while you’re away, or just want the extra help.


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Your dog will live in your trainer’s home for the duration of the board and train (2 weeks for puppies and 3 weeks for older dogs). We get right to work…and so does your dog. They become a part of the family.  The transformation in such a short time is remarkable! But we don’t just do the work and expect you to blindly take it from there. We have tailored a condensed learning program just for our Board and Train clients, complete with videos and a workbook with all the bare essentials. We also provide a private go-home session and bonus follow-up session with your trainer. PLUS…you have a satisfaction guarantee and access to LIFETIME Cornerstone group classes! We won’t leave you hangin’!

Want to leave the bulk of training up to the experts? We’re here for you! You will see the same knock-your-socks-off results that you would get with our signature courses, we’re just able to do it in a condensed amount of time. Why? Because, well…we’ve been around the block a time or two.

Board & Train Program

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"Our dog's transformation is amazing!  In order to succeed, made sure you participate fully and do your homework!
Best place for training, paws up!"

"This was the best decision we ever made!"

Amazing Transformation


"Cornerstone was worth every penny, and their price is very reasonable for everything you get.  My dog was high energy and wild.  My wife and I were stressed and started thinking we might not be a good fit, but we decided to try Cornerstone's program before we gave up on him.  We are very glad we did!  After several weeks of hard work, we have a completely different dog.  We learned to focus his energy in positive ways.  Both my dog and I are much happier now.  I highly recommend Cornerstone Dog Training."

"If you're looking for dog obedience training, look no further."


the 5th owner to a 6-year-old pointer/lab mix

"After doing the 8-week training program, we now have a dog that can go on walks without the stress.  She has excellent leash manners and we love the place command.   Jason and Lorelei and their team are above and beyond any other dog trainer in every way.  They genuinely care about your dog and are as excited as you are to see them grow and succeed."

"Our dog Timber had high anxiety and could be agressive towards strangers and other dogs."

From Agressive and Anxious to excellent


Yes, It Really Works

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