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It's a Podcast, but it's also our form of Happy Hour

Hosted by Jason, the Puppy Training Principles Podcast is full of helpful training tips and tricks…plus fun and inspiring stories. If we could pull off having you over for dinner and enjoying a good chat, we would. This is the next best thing. Check it out!

Puppy Training Principles podcast

How it applies

Be careful, you may start nerding out.  You'll see dog training principles everywhere you go.  It's wild how much dogs can teach us about loving people and living your best life!

Step Into the Mind of Your Dog

This is so often the missing element when people try to train their dog on their own.  They don't know what's going on in the mind of their dog.  And we can't really get to the root of problems until we do.

Jason will walk you through how to train specific dog behaviors.  Have a problem with jumping?  We have a podcast for that.  How about puppy nipping or potty training?  Yep, got that too. 

How to Actually DO The Thing

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Focus Kills Chaos!

Involving Your Kids in Training

Training Portia

Why dogs pull and how to fix it

Learning to Speak "Dog"


featured shows:

We are the husband and wife team behind Cornerstone.  We love people!  And we love helping people train their dog to be rockstars!  Okay, we've never had a dog literally become a rockstar, but you get the idea.

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We're Jason and Lorelei, your new dog-training friends.

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Our superpower is helping families have a dog they can enjoy for life. Lives filled with a beautiful mix of fun, active play and calm downtime…with a dog happily at their side.

- @RockyMtncougarfan

"This is a great podcast for dog owners (both old and new). Jason explains the psychology well and has great tips to help you get the most out of your dog. We have also completed his puppy program and are now in his advanced training program both of which are very informative and great detail to help you have a well behaved, dream dog. Highly recommend!"

Five Stars:

- Madilyn

"I love this podcast! The episodes are so informative and Jason breaks down concepts in a way that are easy to understand. You can tell Jason has a passion for what he does and wants to help not only your dog, but you!"

Five Stars:

- Linda

"This podcast saved my dog. For real. I don't know where I would be without it. I binged it and then ordered their book and followed it exactly.  It made all the difference with my puppy!"

Five Stars:

- pokowenz16

My husband and I have been listening to this podcast plus using their online Puppy Course and book to train our puppy. It has been going really well. I like how this podcast goes over what the dog is thinking and why we do what we do. It’s so interesting and fun to listen to.

Five Stars:

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My Dog Incessantly Jumps on People--Help!

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