For puppies aged 8 weeks-22 weeks.  Dont' let these critical first months with your puppy pass you by!  Lay a foundation you can build on for a lifetime & avoid big problems down the road.

Puppy Course

The program that started it all!  Our results-driven, 8-week program has transformed dogs with hyperactivity, bite histories, anxiety, etc, to be calm and happy dogs.  Have an amazing dog for years to come!  For dogs aged 5 months+.

Chaos to Calm

A quick 2-week program that will make a world of difference!  For new puppies as well as any older dog that needs help with crate or potty training.  Full of actionable tactics every single dog owner should know.

Crate & Potty Training

Online Dog Training Courses

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We know what it takes and we've packaged our secrets for you right here!
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Cornerstone’s online courses have everything you need (including physical tools) to guide you from day 1 with a new puppy all the way through adult dog training, building a dog you can enjoy for life! Graduates of our Chaos to Calm course who really went all in and did the work end up with exceptional, therapy-level dogs.  Dogs that would make your neighbor’s jaw drop in amazement. And who doesn’t want that?!


*If you live near one of our locations, we offer private coaching for our Puppy and/or Chaos to Calm courses.  To learn more about that additional personalized service, click here.


For dogs of any age. Especially helpful if you are getting a new puppy or if your older dog struggles with crate training. You'll know EXACT techniques to communicate with your dog while in the crate to help them learn to be calm (plus potty train at the same time).  

14-Day Crate & Potty Training


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Puppy Course

For puppies 8 to 22 weeks old. Avoid having bigger problems down the road and actually enjoy these months with your puppy. You’ll know every week what you should focus on (and what not to) according to the exact age of your puppy. Tools included.  Let’s raise them up right! 

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Chaos to Calm

An 8-week course specifically for dogs 5 months+. Get to the real root of your dog’s behavioral issues and transform him into a dog your whole family can enjoy for years to come.  Even if your dog is well into the senior years, this course WILL help!  Intended to be the last training you’ll ever need to have a great dog for life, the results of this program will blow you away!  

Whether you’re a family of two (you and your dog), a bustling family with young kids, chasing teens, or out-and-about grandparents, this training will help you have a dog that will be a trusted and loved addition to the family.  

Busy, Active Families

Those Going For Results

You’re a busy family and have no desire to invest in something that won’t give you results…and fast! We (Jason and Lorelei) have 8 young kids and we totally get it. We created these programs to give you training results that will last, using tools and techniques we KNOW work. How do we know? We know from years “in the trenches” working with hundreds of dogs.

Our online courses were made for:

Those Willing to Make a Change

We’re not magicians. These training programs are the real deal! And real, lasting results take a willingness to work with your dog (which can be a lot of fun, actually). It takes an investment, not only monetarily but also an investment of time and energy.

But, if you’re ready for the change and willing to put in the work, we’re confident we can take you there. With your consistency and effort combined with our expertise and assistance you will see great results!

"Our dog's transformation is amazing!  In order to succeed, made sure you participate fully and do your homework!
Best place for training, paws up!"

"This was the best decision we ever made!"

Amazing Transformation


"Cornerstone was worth every penny, and their price is very reasonable for everything you get.  My dog was high energy and wild.  My wife and I were stressed and started thinking we might not be a good fit, but we decided to try Cornerstone's program before we gave up on him.  We are very glad we did!  After several weeks of hard work, we have a completely different dog.  We learned to focus his energy in positive ways.  Both my dog and I are much happier now.  I highly recommend Cornerstone Dog Training."

"If you're looking for dog obedience training, look no further."


the 5th owner to a 6-year-old pointer/lab mix

"After doing the 8-week training program, we now have a dog that can go on walks without the stress.  She has excellent leash manners and we love the place command.   Jason and Lorelei and their team are above and beyond any other dog trainer in every way.  They genuinely care about your dog and are as excited as you are to see them grow and succeed."

"Our dog Timber had high anxiety and could be agressive towards strangers and other dogs."

From Agressive and Anxious to excellent


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