Puppy Training Principles Podcast Episode 1

May 25, 2021

Puppy Program Beginnings:
And so it begins, this is how the puppy program came to be.

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How are dogs like trees?
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Puppy Training Principles Podcast

Episode 1: Puppy Program Beginnings

And so it begins, this is how the puppy program came to be. To set the scene, Jason and Lorelei Robbins own Cornerstone Dog Training, where their goal is giving dogs the foundation and training they need for a lifetime. Over time, Jason encounters a handful of crazy situations. He notices that a lot of the big issues could be solved with training that starts early on in a dog’s life.

1:26  – Yes, there is a phase of a dog’s life where they are a puppy, or the “puppy phase”. No, that does not mean that we should accept inappropriate behavior that puppies may exhibit i.e. chewing, biting, etc.

4:25 – The principles Jason has been incorporating into mature dog’s lives, could be even more beneficial if started off young.

6:20 – The puppy program is born! Tools are key in puppy training. Kennel, pressure and boundaries are the fundamental tools we use to communicate with our puppies.

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