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Puppy schedule

Need to potty train a puppy? It doesn’t have to be so hard. Make the whole process easier, more predictable, and get faster results by using a specific puppy schedule and utilizing a written tracker.

How to Potty Train a Puppy Using a Puppy Schedule

Puppy Training

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Zoomies in puppies

Puppy zoomies from a trainer’s perspective. Exploring zoomies in puppies, when they happen, and most importantly, what to do about it.

Zoomies in Puppies: When, Why, and How to Help

Puppy Training

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8 months pregnant with child #7 and ready to learn about sleep training (and it's amazing connection to crate and potty training puppies)

Learn the surprising connection between baby sleep training and crate and potty training puppies.

Crate and Potty Training Course and Its Surprising Connection with Baby Sleep Training

Puppy Training

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The Movement. How Jason and I are leaning into what matters more to us: the people we get to work with through their dogs.  We love seeing dogs transform and better their lives, but we love even more seeing their people do the same.  Just as we give our dogs something specific to FOCUS on, […]

Focus.  Become.  Unleash.


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For the past 5 years, Jason and I have intentionally planned our entire year in advance.  Yes, you read that right.  The ENTIRE year!  You may think that sounds insane, but it really does work for us.  Some effort upfront and we reap the benefits all year long! Tips for Planning Your Year in Advance […]

How to Plan Your Family’s Year in Advance


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Dog doing nothing on place

I feel drawn to stillness.  To slowing down.  Which may seem the opposite of the popular January themes of planning, productivity, and to-do lists.  Although I’m definitely a big fan of planning and productivity (more to come on how we plan the entire year for our family of 10 while on our couple’s planning retreat), […]

Slow Down.  Accomplish More by Doing Less.


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Kennels, Crates, Dog Runs, and Play Pens can all have their appropriate and helpful use in training your dog, but some of these tools are WAY more useful than others. These words are often used interchangably, making their meanings confusing. Let’s clear up the meaning of each and then, more importantly, the best use of […]

Using Kennels, Crates, Dog Runs, and Play Pens in Dog Training


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Focus Kills Chaos

Finding what to focus on as an entrepreneur is my biggest struggle, which is ironic since teaching dogs to focus is what we do. My husband Jason and I are dog trainers by profession. In our programs we only teach functional obedience that improve relationships and the dog’s overall state of mind. How we do […]

Finding Focus as an Entrepreneur: Lessons from Training Dogs

Personal Growth

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Getting a new puppy and teaching the puppy to be calm and have less stress

By Austin Smoot. My wife Ruby and I had an agressive, stressed out dog on our hands and Jason helped us understand why and how to calm our stressed dog Theo. After what he taught us, Theo became a happy, content companion. It truly changed everything! One of the biggest mindset shifts he helped us […]

Calm a Stressed Dog…You Get What You Pet

Dog Training

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Get your beginner's guide to crate training, no matter the age or temperament of your dog.  Crate training is one of the best things you can for the overall happiness and well-being of your dog.  If you do it right, that is.  So start here!

Snag our Quick Start Crate Training Guide!

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