Puppy Training Secrets

A fun and easy-to-understand guide book that also packs a punch! With full-color graphics and photos and simple training techniques you can begin implementing today, this book is full of our best secrets with a step-by-step method that works. 
You'll never see another dog training book like it!

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We get it!  Been there, done that.  And yes, getting a new dog can be nerve wracking.  And, like you, we've seen first hand what can happen when dogs aren't trained well from the beginning.  Not pretty.  That's exactly why we wrote this book for you!  You'll have the confidence of knowing just what to do each day with your puppy!

Is it time you finally got that puppy you've always wanted (er, uh...your FAMILY has always wanted) but you're nervous you won't know what to do?  And you're worried you might mess it up?

You don't have to do it alone.

real talk:

How "Puppy Training Secrets" Works

Fill out the chart found in the first few pages and you'll know exactly what to work on each week, tailored to the specific age of your puppy.

Fill out your timeline

The needed tools are simple!  You'll need 4 things: crate, sliplead, food pouch, and place mat.  Read the introduction to know exactly which ones to get.

Gather supplies

Our puppy program is divided into 4 phases.  According to your timeline, read the chapters for that phase throughly and get training! 

Get training

"You are our last hope," she told us through tears

Sammy's owners had tried everything (including five other dog trainers) and their dog still had such extreme separation anxiety that they hadn't been able to leave the house for YEARS without major problems...like Sammy's broken teeth and nails or drywall obliterated through the bars of the heavy metal circus cage Sammy was crated in (complete with heavy chain and padlock).

Our hearts broke for these owners!  But what was especially sad to us was we knew how this could have been completely avoided!  Specific training done in the puppy months!  If only they would have known!  We could have helped them!


How our puppy program (along with this book) came to be: 

So we set out to create our revolutionary puppy program

You want Dog training that yields real results

You know Someone with a puppy and want to give a great gift

You want to stop bad dog behaviors before they even start

You have a puppy between 8 weeks & 5 months old

You are considering getting a dog

This Book is for You If:

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"This book is a must-read for every single puppy parent!  It is such a relief to know what to do with this puppy!  And to find that he didn't need to chew up everything in my house, be crazy in the kennel, or keep biting my arm.  Thank you, Jason and Lorelei! 

- Ashtyn R.

Learn potty training, kennel training, and good manners.

How does this sound?

Build focus, confidence, obedience, socialization, and a trusting relationship.



the results you're going to get:

Start the come, sit, down, wait, place, and heel commands and understand why they are vital for your dog‘s success.


Fix jumping, nipping, biting, potty issues, hyperactivity, and more.


Understand how dogs think, how to communicate with them, and how to prepare them for real life.


"Our dog's transformation is amazing!  In order to succeed, made sure you participate fully and do your homework!
Best place for training, paws up!"

"This was the best decision we ever made!"

Amazing Transformation


"Cornerstone was worth every penny, and their price is very reasonable for everything you get.  My dog was high energy and wild.  My wife and I were stressed and started thinking we might not be a good fit, but we decided to try Cornerstone's program before we gave up on him.  We are very glad we did!  After several weeks of hard work, we have a completely different dog.  We learned to focus his energy in positive ways.  Both my dog and I are much happier now.  I highly recommend Cornerstone Dog Training."

"If you're looking for dog obedience training, look no further."


the 5th owner to a 6-year-old pointer/lab mix

"After doing the 8-week training program, we now have a dog that can go on walks without the stress.  She has excellent leash manners and we love the place command.   Jason and Lorelei and their team are above and beyond any other dog trainer in every way.  They genuinely care about your dog and are as excited as you are to see them grow and succeed."

"Our dog Timber had high anxiety and could be agressive towards strangers and other dogs."

From Agressive and Anxious to excellent


Yes, It Really Works

“I didn't think following a BOOK would work for me with my high-drive GSD puppy. It did. I didn't think I'd be *that* success story. I am.”

Robert got "Puppy Training Secrets" & went to work

I was desperate for help with our puppy!  She was more than we could handle!  So I decided to get "Puppy Training Secrets" and follow it as closely as I could.  There were hard moments still with her, but I tell you it made a world of difference!  So...much...better!  Plus, I loved knowing exactly what needed done each week. 
Buy the book!  Totally worth it!!

Additional Resources

"Puppy Training Secrets" is a stand-alone guide, but if you're wanting even more help, the book coordinates exactly with our full puppy course.  


Our podcast is full of helpful tips and how-tos.  Listen in on your commute to work or while doing dishes.  Check out the "Podcast" tab to learn more.

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"My dogs are trained AND so much happier!!! Life changer for me and my family!  So happy!  100% recommend Cornerstone!!